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North Coast Academy of Football

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NCAF is a professional football coaching academy that has been created to provide excellence in football (soccer) coaching programs for junior players based in the Clarence Valley area.


The Grafton based Academy operates all year-round with little to no impact in players current football (soccer) club commitments.


Our aim is to work together with the local clubs to raise the level of their own players with a dedicated professional coaching session running weekly. There will be no need for local players to travel to Coffs Harbour 3 times a week or travel to Newcastle every second week.


We intend to work with development & performance groups and offer them different programs based on their own needs.

We have been offered a spot in the Inaugural 2022 Optus Premier League which we intend to nominate teams.

Lastly, like many successful South American & European countries we will be providing for the first time ever a geniune pathway between the sports of football & futsal through a real connection, creating unparalleled opportunities for our players.

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