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Head coach Renan Fenerich (on the right) with Futsal world champion coach Paulo Cesar after a post graduation lecture.

Head Coach


North Coast Futsal Head Coach, Renan Fenerich is a highly qualified and experienced professional Brazilian coach. In addition to a bachelor degree in Physical Education (specialising in football) Renan holds a university post-graduate Masters in the development of junior players in futsal and football.


Renan has been coaching at the highest levels of Futsal since 2003, focusing on the development of primary and elementary students. In addition he has been coaching in Australia for more than eight years, thus substantiating his international experience with an in-depth understanding of Australian requirements and systems.


Renan's experience with junior players has taught him that coaching is an art, each and every individual will learn at different speeds and through a variety of methods tailored to maximise their potential. Renan’s vision and motivation is to develop each player to reach their potential.

On top of Renan's unique expertise in the area, he also holds all available FFA Futsal certificates and licences as well as an AFC Level 1 Futsal licence.

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