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North Coast Futsal offers, before school, after school and lunchtime programs for children from Prep to Year 12.Our school programs are specifically designed for each age-group and tailored to your school requirements.North Coast Futsal is an independent training organisation which focuses on individual and group development, we provide support and encouragement to all our students who are following and participating in pathways within known national and international associations, both in Futsal and Football.




Foundational skills learning and creativity are considered fundamental to each of our programs.


Our journey begins at Prep to Year 2 where we focus on the FUNdamentals of a sound sports grounding. At this stage we focus on developing and strengthening life-long components, such as “fair play”, enthusiasm, friendship and team spirit. It is at this stage that the foundational stones of creativity and skills are laid.


From Year 2 to Year 8 we begin to move to a greater focus on technique, game awareness, self control and skill. It is at this level that the coach will concentrate on the development of individual skill and technique. This stage is critical to the strengthening of mental agility, quick thinking and decision making in the individual. The development and nurturing of these skills are not only beneficial in the playing field but are proven to help the student in academic and other pursuits. The elements of conditioning, including nutrition and aerobic endurance will also be introduced to the students at this stage.


In our more advanced students (Year 8- Year 12) we focus extensively on the mastery of the game, enhancing poise and confidence. Having laid the basic foundations the final mastery of these areas is necessary to maximise sports potential and help the individual reach their top level of excellence.The strategies taught in our programs are not only critical in the every sports arena but also fundamental in the game of life.




The Brazilian style of coaching is one of the most effective and successful in the world. This style of coaching allows players to improve every aspect of their performance. You will be coached by our Head Coach, Renan Fenerich, a highly qualified Brazilian professional coach, who has been coaching in Australia and sharing his vast knowledge for more than five years. Renan has a post-graduation degree in junior development of Football and Futsal players.




Our program offers unparalleled opportunities for those who stand out, such as representative opportunities, invitations for high performance academies, friendly games, training camps, one-on-one sessions, specialised holiday clinics and much more.




Our training sessions are tailored to each school. The first step is to organise a meeting between our head and the school staff to discuss your school needs. From this discussion we will develop a “proposed” program free of charge prior to any commitment from you.


Click here to book an appointment to discuss your options.

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