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The BSA, Brazilian Skills Acquisition is a brand-new and exciting coaching program that encompasses the foundation principles of creativity and sportsmanship whilst providing a structured focus on technique, self-control, game awareness, skill and the unique Brazilian way of playing with flare. This approach has been proven to immeasurably benefit an athlete’s playing ability both in the Futsal and Football.


The Brazilian style of coaching is one of the most effective and successful in the world. This style of coaching allows players to improve every aspect of their performance. Our highly qualified Brazilian professional coaches will be at hand sharing their vast knowledge with our young players and helping them to achieve their goals.


From a player development viewpoint, there are widely acknowledged benefits to playing Futsal, with particular emphasis on the technical skills of passing, dribbling and close ball control.  No other game demands technique, movement, quick decision making, pinpoint passing, ball control, tactical awareness, and fitness. It is a fast-paced, exciting game that provides players many developmental benefits.  Futsal is widely considered as a complementary player development initiative, it is designed to enhance, enrich and complement the 11-a-side game, not to compete with it.


In addition to being a recognised and proven skill building area for the 11-a-side game, for those who excel or love the game in its own right, Futsal can also potentially offer an additional pathway to progress for players, coaches, referees and administrators.  Hence for those players that possess the required technique and football intelligence to pursue a successful career in Futsal, great opportunities both nationally and internationally are provided.


Whether they are on the road to all-star football or believe in futsal in its own right we will strive to provide each individual with sound technical skills and the ability and confidence to apply those skills appropriately on the field.  From the initial emphasis on technique and individual-based challenges, to team co-ordination and multi positional learning, right through to the mastery of complex rules, strategies and life-long personal objectives, our focus is to provide a structured, fun, and safe environment for young individuals to maximise their sporting potential.

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