Grafton Summer Futsal Programs 2020/21

Attention! All players must acquire a Grafton PCYC membership to be eligible to participate in our programs. After you complete our registration, please use the button provided at our "thank you" page to get your PCYC membership.
-Junior Competition (7-14yrs) - Wednesdays, from 4pm. Finishes 17th February 2021

-Senior Competition (From 15yrs) - Wednesdays, from 6pm. Finishes 17th February 2021

-BSA-Brazilian Skills Acquisition (3-8yrs) - Thursdays from 4pm. Ends 18th February 2021

-High Performance Academy (9-17 yrs)-Wednesdays from 4pm. Starts 24th February 2021

-Premier League - Saturdays, 11-14yrs - 8:30am. Ends 20th February 2021